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About Us


We are people with a passion for exploring, adventure, and living life to the fullest. After falling in love with the Western Cape during our first shark diving trip to Cape Town in 2012, we've spent every year since then exploring the unlimited beauty, diversity, and adventure this area of South Africa has to offer. We love it so much that we now call both Texas and Cape Town home.


Our mission is to promote and support travel to the amazing country of South Africa by offering you ideas, plans, and arrangements that will lead to the best vacation you've ever had.  And the best part... there is NO cost to you!

We've got the right experience and connections to help you design a quick getaway or a long multi-city vacation.


Planning an international trip is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. We've been there! We will do our best to keep you focused on the exciting parts, and we'll keep things simple and easy. We commit to being responsive, honest,  trustworthy, and ensuring you have an unforgettable Cape Town experience! Travel with confidence!